Car Accident Statistics

A personal injury attorney has first-hand knowledge when it comes to the devastation that a vehicle accident has on an individual. From serious semi-truck accidents to parking lot fender benders the number of injuries can be staggering.

One of the things many clients mention when they meet with their personal injury attorney is how alone they feel after sustaining an injury. Some of the pain is obvious but some of the pain is less so.

The Statistics are Staggering

There were over 6 million vehicle accidents in the US last year. Many of those accidents resulted in personal injuries. Semi-truck accident legal services were used in about 17% of those accident cases. According to statistics by the National Highway Safety Council, there were over 500,000 accidents involving semi-trucks and about 5000 people perished in those accidents including 1000 truck drivers.

In 2018 about 40,000 people overall lost their lives due to vehicle accidents. There were over 3 million injuries reported due to vehicle accidents. On average it takes a passenger or an injured driver about 3 years to fully recover from auto accident injuries.

What the Statistics Do Not Tell You About Personal Injuries

The statistics are pretty detailed when it comes to the number of fatalities in road crashes- like there are 1.2 million people on a global level that die each year in a vehicle accident. Or how over 20 million sustain a personal disability globally. They do not tell you:

  • How many people lose their jobs and income because of a personal injury.
  • How many people suffer emotionally because of a personal injury.
  • How many relationships are affected by a personal injury.

Personal injury attorneys understand that the “statistical effects” of a personal injury do not end with the physical injury. There are often many more events that occur in an individual's life that can be traced back to that vehicle accident.

The Law

One of the many things someone involved in a vehicle accident has to deal with is navigating the law. Whether you are at fault or not there are laws that will affect the outcome of your case. An experienced personal injury attorney can help to take that worry off your plate. A good personal injury will protect your rights after an accident and help you to get your life back on track. Learn more about the type of support that is available.

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