James "Jim" E. Harris

Injury & Trial Attorney

Jim has been serving seriously injured victims throughout Omaha and the surrounding communities since graduating from Creighton University School of Law in 1979. For more than 40 years, he has dedicated his practice to protecting the rights of people who have been injured in work accidents, semi-truck accidents, and nursing home abuse.

If you’re seeking compensation for your injury, Jim is the attorney to turn to. Schedule a free consultation today to meet with a skilled, compassionate injury lawyer.

Injured at Work?

File Your Claim Before It's Too Late

If you have been injured on the job, you may be entitled to compensation. Jobs that are inherently dangerous require substantial training to prevent injuries from happening, but sometimes management acts negligently by cutting corners. To make sure you meet the deadline for filing a claim, contact us immediately so we can start working on your case as soon as possible to help you seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

3 Ways to Recover Damages in Nebraska

First-Party Claims

Your first option is to recover damages from your own insurance company. Keep in mind that they might not give you enough money to completely cover all of your expenses, so you may want to also file a third-party claim.

Third-Party Claims

If another person was found to be at fault for your injury, you can also file a claim with their insurance company, also called a third-party claim. If they don’t have insurance, we’ll be able to guide you through further processes.

Filing a Lawsuit

Civil lawsuits can take time, stress, and money. To see if a lawsuit against the other person or your employer is best for your unique situation, contact our legal team and schedule a free consultation so we can go through your case together and weigh your options.

Don’t Take on This Challenge Alone


Factors to Consider

Nebraska Uses Modified Comparative Negligence

The state utilizes this system in injury cases, which was put into place because the courts don’t want people filing just because they were injured.

Compensation Depends
on Percentage of Fault

If you were found 25% at fault and your damages totaled $100,000, the compensation you would receive would actually be $75,000.

A Great Attorney Can
Make All the Difference

You'll be barred from receiving compensation if you were found to be 50% or more at fault, so contact an attorney to help you fight for what’s right.

Serving People Throughout Southeast Nebraska

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